Revue de la presse azerbaïdjanaise du 05 avril 2016


• Yeni Azerbaycan, Bakinski rabotchi, Khalg gazeti, Azerbaycan, 525-ci gazet, Bizim Yol, Yeni Musavat, - La presse officielle reprend l’allocution du Président Aliyev lors du Conseil de Sécurité, tenue le 2 avril. I. Aliyev a déclaré : « Vous vous souvenez que le Président français, M. F. Hollande, avait organisé une réunion des présidents arménien et azerbaïdjanais à Paris en 2014. La réunion avait eu lieu dans une atmosphère très constructive et ses résultats avaient été tout à fait rassurants. Au cours de la réunion, nous avons également parlé de la sécurité sur la ligne de contact. Cependant, moins de deux semaines après la réunion, l’Arménie a lancé un exercice militaire sur les territoires occupés avec 47 000 militaires. C’était une provocation claire. Quel a été le but de cette attitude, surtout après la réunion de Paris qui a été considérée comme un succès ? ».

• Ekho - « La situation sur la ligne de contact est très tendue ». La situation sur le Haut-Karabagh sera débattue aujourd’hui lors de la réunion du Conseil permanent de l’OSCE à Vienne.



• APA – « L’Azerbaïdjan suspend l’octroi de crédits à la consommation en devises étrangères pour une durée d’un mois ».
Société civile

• Ekho - Selon Eyyub Gusseynov, directeur de l’Union des consommateurs libres, 60% des organisations non-gouvernementales ne disposent pas de locaux professionnels. Selon lui, les Azerbaïdjanais sont mal informés des rôles et des activités des ONG. Il préconise la création d’une Maison des ONG en Azerbaïdjan : « dans la plupart des cas, les représentants des ONG sont confrontés à une injustice de la part des autorités et ces dernières ne souhaitent pas organiser de tables rondes afin de discuter des questions importantes [avec la société civile]. Pendant des années, nous avons préconisé la création d’une Maison des ONG en Azerbaïdjan, mais personne ne nous écoute. Si les autorités sont intéressées par le progrès de la société civile, elles sont censées y accorder plus d’attention ». E. Gousseynov mentionne également les pots-de-vin distribués aux fonctionnaires lors de l’accomplissement de formalités administratives.


Discours du Président Aliyev et du Ministre de la Défense (Conseil de sécurité tenu le 2 avril)
« - Today, Armenia staged yet another armed provocation against Azerbaijan by attacking our positions on the line of contact and firing at residential settlements located near the line of contact.
As a result of this armed provocation, we have suffered losses. Soldiers and civilians have been killed. Let us honor the memory of the victims by a minute of silence.
A minute’s silence was observed in memory of those killed.
President Ilham Aliyev : May Allah rest the souls of those killed. May Allah grant patience to their relatives and friends, and recovery to those wounded.
I am instructing the Cabinet of Ministers to put forward proposals on the provision of financial assistance to the families of the victims, and the Ministry of Defense to submit suggestions on awarding the individuals who asserted themselves in combat and fought heroically for their homeland.
This is yet another of Armenia’s armed provocations against our country. It is not the first time it has resorted to such provocations. A similar provocation was committed on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border, in the direction of Gazakh, a few days ago. Armenian saboteurs attacked our positions and two of our soldiers were killed in this attack. The enemy received a fitting rebuff.
I want to say by this that today’s provocation is also a manifestation of Armenia’s insidious policy against Azerbaijan. Today, the Armenian provocation received an adequate response from the Azerbaijani army. Powerful blows were dealt to the enemy. They suffered heavy losses. The Minister of Defense will provide more detailed information on this issue today. I can say the enemy has received crushing blows.
At the same time, our heroic fighters have managed not only to stop the provocation. They have also seized more favorable military positions. Today, Azerbaijan’s advantage on the line of contact has been further reinforced. As a result of military operation carried out – I would also like to note that this operation was carried out in response to provocation – we have won a great military victory. I want to congratulate our army and the people of Azerbaijan on this occasion.
I am sure that none of the enemy’s provocations will remain unanswered. The enemy will continue to receive an adequate response. The Azerbaijani army is capable of doing that. The sons of Azerbaijan are defending the homeland, fighting for their country and becoming martyrs. Memory of all our martyrs will live in our hearts forever.
The reason for such actions on the part of Armenia is no secret to me. I have repeatedly expressed my thoughts on this subject to the Azerbaijani public, to the mediators dealing with this issue and to the heads of co-chair countries. Armenia does not want peace. Armenia does not want to vacate the occupied lands, and all of its efforts are aimed at maintaining the status quo to the maximum extent possible. These words rest on a lot of evidence. The process of negotiations has been going on for more than 20 years. Over these 20 years, at decisive moments, Armenia has always resorted to provocations. Armenia constantly creates tension on the line of contact. The terrorist act in the Armenian parliament at the end of last century also pursued this goal – to prevent the achievement of a possible agreement in connection with the conflict and thus to preserve the status quo.
You will recall that French President Mr. Hollande organized a meeting of the Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents in Paris in 2014. The meeting was held in a very constructive atmosphere and its results were quite reassuring. During the meeting, we also talked about security at the line of contact and confidence-building measures. However, less than two weeks after the meeting, Armenia launched a military exercise on the occupied territories, on the territory of Agdam District, deploying, as they acknowledged themselves, 47,000 troops. That was clear-cut provocation. What was the point in conducting it, especially after the Paris meeting which was considered a success ?
The Azerbaijani army exercised great restraint for a few days. I also sent out the instruction not to yield to provocation. But after that the enemy went completely impudent and attacked our positions by mobilizing helicopter gunships. The Azerbaijani army destroyed one of the helicopter gunships. Armenia needed that. It was their provocation. They needed that to say that Azerbaijan violates the ceasefire and acts aggressively.
The source of today’s provocation is the same. They are attacking our positions again. Our soldiers and officers are killed. After that, Azerbaijan punishes them and they appeal to the world, claiming that Azerbaijan violates ceasefire. We did not break the ceasefire – we simply gave a fitting rebuff to the provocation. As long as Armenia does not renounce provocative actions, the Azerbaijani army will continue to punish them.
The main goal of Armenia is to keep the status quo unchanged. Unfortunately, the numerous statements by the heads of Minsk Group co-chair countries are having no effect on the Armenian authorities. These statements lie in the fact that the heads of the USA, Russia and France have repeatedly pointed out : the status quo is unacceptable, it should be changed and the issue should be resolved soon.
Changing the status quo would mean that occupiers should vacate the occupied lands. The Armenian leadership does not want that. This is the main issue. They want to turn this into a never-ending process. They want negotiations to last for another 20 years. They are insincere at the negotiating table. Recently, the Russian President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of this country have put forward some proposals together with other co-chairs. We welcome that. Both during the meeting and in official statements, they expressed their views on the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.
The territorial integrity of Azerbaijan enjoys tremendous support. Meetings indicate that the US side is very interested in the soonest settlement of the conflict. I know that the leaders of Armenia have received certain signals and messages. In other words, the co-chairs, the heads of their states have been trying to resolve the issue. The Nuclear Security summit had not even ended when Armenia committed this dirty provocation, thereby dealing a huge blow to the peace process. They are trying to take advantage of this to accuse Azerbaijan.
The corrupt media, the corrupt politicians, pundits and commentators line up to accuse Azerbaijan. If we pay attention to the media of some countries, we can see that there is lop-sided information. Azerbaijan is accused. They circulate distorted information about the fighting.
The Armenian army suffered a huge blow today. For the first time since the establishment of the cease-fire, such as a devastating blow has been dealt to them. They have only themselves to blame. However, they are trying to mislead public opinion and conceal their losses. I heard that the Armenian leader is trying to disclose false information about the losses. This clearly shows that they just want to deceive their own people. Today, the Armenian side uses all the possibilities – Diaspora organizations, their agents in different countries and corrupt politicians – to pin the blame on Azerbaijan.
We are not guilty of anything. We have simply responded to this provocation. And rightly so ! If more provocations are committed against us, they will be punished again. This is the first thing. Secondly, we are fighting on our own land. We did not occupy Armenian land. We are fighting on our own land. If Armenian soldiers don’t want to die, let them get out of Azerbaijani lands. I have repeatedly said this and I want to say it again.
Armenia has violated all international norms. It ignores UN Security Council resolutions and flouts the resolutions of other organizations. It has barbarously destroyed all buildings, historical and religious monuments on occupied lands. The OSCE fact-finding mission has visited the occupied lands twice. We have their data. Our mosques, graves, monuments, buildings and museums lie in ruins. All valuable items have been looted. This is unprecedented barbarism. The executioners seated in the highest posts in Erivan have committed the monstrous Khojaly genocide. After all, aren’t they supposed to be brought to book for that ?!
We exercise restraint, patience and constructivism although we have lived in the conditions of a ceasefire for more than 20 years. Nevertheless, we are trying to resolve the issue peacefully. I have repeatedly stated this and I want to say it again today : we want a peaceful solution to the issue. We do not want war. We do not want to shed blood. We do not want young people to die. We do not want mothers to shed tears. We do not want Azerbaijani and Armenian mothers to shed tears. But we want what is ours !
I want to say it again : we want to resolve the issue peacefully, but resolve it. We do not intend to continue participating in an endless process just to create a semblance of talks. We have said this to the mediators. The Armenian side is also aware of that. Therefore, for a peaceful solution to the issue Armenia must vacate the occupied lands. There is no other option. If the Armenian leadership cares about the future of its people, then it must take this step. Armenia’s criminal and dictatorial regime leads this country into an abyss. The demographic situation in Armenia has reached a critical point. The economy is destroyed, all freedoms are violated and there is pervasive dictatorship. Above all, the criminal regime is the enemy of the Armenian people. This is why their future lies only in a normal relationship with neighboring countries. But how can you have a normal relationship if you have occupied 20 per cent of a neighboring country’s land in the 21st century, committed an act of genocide and then blame the people subjected to genocide for violating the ceasefire ?
I want to repeat : Azerbaijan sticks to a position of principle. Our territorial integrity is not, never has been and never will be the subject of negotiations. This conflict must be resolved within the territorial integrity of our country. There is no other option. As for the Armenian population living in Nagorno-Karabakh, they can live peacefully in Azerbaijan as citizens of Azerbaijan in the future. Azerbaijan is a multiethnic and multi-confessional country. Azerbaijan is an example for many countries, the space of multiculturalism and tolerance.
All conflicts must be resolved on a single principle. The principle of self-determination of nations must not violate the territorial integrity of countries. This is what the Helsinki Final Act states. Therefore, I want to say once again : we will not give up our position of principle on the settlement of the conflict. At the same time, we are committed to negotiations and will continue trying to resolve the conflict in peace. Along with this, we will increase the power of our army, so that such provocations, Armenian provocations do not remain unanswered. I believe that today, 2 April, will be a good lesson for them.
Then Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov addressed the meeting.
It was noted that in the early hours of 2 April, Armenian armed forces went on the offensive on the positions of Azerbaijani Armed Forces from different directions and shelled our residential settlements. As a result of these provocative attacks, our soldiers died as heroes. In response, Azerbaijani armed forces launched a counter-offensive from all directions and inflicted a crushing blow to the enemy.
Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov said :
- Dear Mr. President and Commander-in-Chief ! I report that Armenian armed forces have recently increased provocations on the territories located along the front line by using heavy weaponry and artillery against our population. Recent events show that the number of casualties among our civilian population has increased. To prevent these provocations, we made an assessment of the operational situation and decided to deal blows to the firing points and artillery units of the Armenian armed forces and make them move away from our villages. At the same time, taking into account the movement of reserves of the Armenian armed forces in a certain direction, reconnaissance units of Azerbaijani armed forces carried out planned activities in three directions in the early hours of 2 April. In view of the operational situation and as a result of a combat operation, we recaptured the villages of Talish and Seysulan, as well as several mountain tops in the direction of Horadiz. The main objective of this operation was to prevent provocations and reduce the impact of gun emplacements on our communities.
I report that during the operation, the Armenian armed forces deployed their reserves in Madagiz, Agdere and other settlements to carry out an operation for placing them in the combat zone. To prevent this, our armed forces carried out combat activities and dealt blows to these areas. As a result of these blows, Armenian armed forces suffered huge losses in manpower and hardware. I report that our armed forces, given the operating circumstances, strengthened their positions in these directions and at these altitudes. During the day, the provocations of the Armenian armed forces were successfully nipped in the bud. In these battles, the Armenian armed forces suffered heavy losses. According to our information, about 100 enemies were killed and several hundred people were injured. Many units of armored vehicles and artillery pieces were put out of action. Taking into account the operating circumstances and the deployment of major military units of the Armenian armed forces in Madagiz, blows were delivered to it. I also report that several artillery units from Madagiz carried out direct attacks on our positions and settlements.
I report that in light of the operational situation our armed forces continue to take measures to fully control the situation along the front line and are ready to prevent any possible provocations.
President Ilham Aliyev : I would also like to note that President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu have phoned me and expressed their condolences over the victims, as well as their support. In addition, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko also phoned me to enquire about the situation and express his concern.
We will now discuss the wider issues and talk about future plans. Let me repeat : today, 2 April, will go down in the history of the Azerbaijani army as the day a brilliant victory. I congratulate the Azerbaijani army and all personnel of our Armed Forces on this great victory. »


• APA - Ministère de la Défense : « Une base militaire arménienne a été détruite à Madagiz, l’armée azerbaïdjanaise a perdu 16 soldats ».

• APA - Defense Ministry : “Staff of Armenian military base in Madagiz point destroyed by precise strikes”. The Armenian side, achieving no result in reoccupation of lost positions in the directions of Khojavand-Fuzuli and Aghdere-Terter continue to fire at settlements near the contact line of troops, Defense Ministry said. One of the biggest military bases of the enemy stationed on main road leading to Aghdere city, staff of the military base in Madagiz point of strategic importance in the north of city was destroyed by precise strikes. 3 tanks and personnel stationed in trenches for circular firing on the enemy’s defensive line were destroyed in the evening of April 4. Azerbaijani military units in the direction of Khojavand and Fuzuli destroyed 2 Armenian tanks and personnel and up to 5 wheeled vehicles carrying military property. During the operation carried out from Apr.4 to Apr.5, up to 70 people and around 20 military equipment of Armenia were destroyed by Azerbaijan armed forces.


• - Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov had telephone conversations with the heads of the Foreign Ministry of Georgia, France and Lithuania in connection with the situation on the front line. Mammadyarov said that the Armenian units target the population closely residing in frontline areas and civilian objects what led to deaths and injuries of the civilians. The Minister noted that despite the decision of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces on 3/04 on unilateral ceasefire, the Armenian units continue to violate the ceasefire. The Foreign Minister said that to relieve stress and achieve progress, Armenian troops should be withdrawn from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, and also said that the conflict can be resolved only on the basis of the principles of territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan.

• Bizim Yol, Ekho, APA - “Azerbaijani Defense Minister tells Armed Forces to stand ready to launch devastating strikes on Khankendi”. Having suffered heavy losses along the front line, Armenian armed forces are responding with shelling Azerbaijani residential areas along the contact line of troops in "retaliation" for their failures, the Defense Ministry told APA. According to the statement, taking such inhumane steps, Armenia, despite having been insistently warned, is provoking Azerbaijan to take adequate actions. “Nevertheless, the Azerbaijani side is calling on Armenia to comply with the norms of international law and avoid using violence against civilians,” the ministry said. “At the same time, the defense minister has ordered all types of troops of the Armed Forces including missile-artillery troops to stand ready to launch devastating strikes on Khankendi town and other occupied residential areas with heavy weaponry at their disposal in case the enemy does not cease shelling our residential areas,” the ministry warned.

• Bizim Yol, APA - Elmar Mammadyarov, ministre des Affaires étrangères, a adressé des lettres aux organisations internationales sur la situation sur la ligne de contact : “In order to ensure the security of civilians within the internationally recognized borders, Azerbaijani armed forces took necessary measures to stop the Armenian provocations”. It was also said in the letters that the main reason of the ceasefire violation and escalation of the situation is the presence of Armenian armed forces in Azerbaijan’s occupied territories. “The resolutions of the UN Security Council confirm that the Nagorno-Karabakh region is Azerbaijan’s integral part and demand the unconditional and immediate withdrawal of Armenian troops from the occupied lands” read the letters. “Armenia should stop deceiving its people and international community, put an end to the occupation policy, withdraw its troops from Azerbaijan’s occupied territories, constructively participate in the negotiation process and fulfill its international obligations,” the letters said.

• Bakinski rabotchi - Ali Ahmadov, vice-Premier ministre, vice-président et secrétaire exécutif du Parti présidentiel du Nouvel Azerbaïdjan a déclaré, lors de la réunion avec des jeunes militants du Parti, que « ces derniers évènements ont démontré une fois de plus que l’occupation des territoires azerbaïdjanais ne durera pas aussi longtemps ».

• Bizim Yol, APA - “Azerbaijan ready for ceasefire if Armenian forces withdraw from occupied territories”. Azerbaijan is ready for a ceasefire, but the Armenian armed forces must withdraw from all the occupied territories of Azerbaijan in line with the UN Security Council resolutions, Hikmat Hajiyev, spokesperson for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, told APA on Monday. Hajiyev went on to add that Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and sovereignty should be ensured within the internationally recognized borders. He also recalled that Azerbaijan decided to unilaterally suspend the counterattack and response measures on April 3.Despite such a peaceful and goodwill intention of the Azerbaijani side, Armenian armed forces continue ceasefire violations and shelling of civilians and settlements near the contact line of troops, Hajiyev stressed.

• APA - “Armenian soldiers fleeing in panic, leaving behind arms – Azerbaijani Defense Ministry”. Suffering huge losses as a result of preventive measures and precise strikes carried out Azerbaijani armed forces, Armenian soldiers are fleeing their positions in panic, leaving behind arms and ammunition, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said in a statement on April 4.As a result of a counter-attack on Apr. 4, Azerbaijan’s armed forces neutralized up to 170 servicemen and 12 armored vehicles of the Armenian side, the Defense Ministry said. “Field engineering work is underway in strategic positions liberated by Azerbaijani forces. Actions of visual exploration of the area and firing correction are being carried out,” the ministry said.

• Bizim Yol, Ekspress, APA - “Azerbaijan releases footage showing destruction of Armenian command post”. Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry has released footage showcasing the destruction of a command and staff post of Armenian armed forces. During a counter-attack on Apr. 4, Azerbaijani armed forces destroyed three tanks and eliminated around 30 servicemen of Armenian armed forces, said Azerbaijani Defense Ministry.

• APA - Shahmar Dadachov, âgé de 62 ans, habitant du village Sharifli d’Aghdam, a été tué à la suite de tirs en provenance des Arméniens.


• APA - Le Président arménien Serge Sarkissian a tenu, le 4 avril, une réunion avec les ambassadeurs des Etats membres de l’OSCE. S. Sarkissian a déclaré que « le renforcement des opérations militaires dans la zone du conflit du Karabakh peut conduire à une guerre de grande envergure qui aura une incidence sur la stabilité et la sécurité non seulement dans le Caucase du Sud, mais aussi en Europe ».

• APA - Vitali Arustamyan, chef de « la division de l’armée de défense de la soi-disant République du Haut-Karabagh » a admis le 4 avril que 20 soldats avaient été tués, 26 portés disparus et 72 militaires blessés.


• Bizim Yol, APA, - On April 4, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State John Kerry on the US initiative. The two foreign policy chiefs expressed serious concerns over the conflict escalation in Nagorno-Karabakh, reiterating their call for an immediate ceasefire. The sides also agreed to step up efforts by Russia, the United States and France as co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group for Nagorno-Karabakh. Mr Lavrov and Mr Kerry condemned certain “external players’” efforts to flare up the confrontation around Karabakh. The sides also discussed ways of building up international support for the Minsk Agreements on the Ukraine crisis and other topical issues on the joint agenda.

• Bizim Yol, APA - Ali Ahmadov, vice-Premier ministre, vice-président et secrétaire exécutif du Parti de Nouvel Azerbaïdjan, a déclaré aux journalistes le 4 avril que « l’Azerbaïdjan est intéressé par le développement des relations avec tous ses voisins, y compris la Russie, excepté l’Arménie : la Russie est l’un des co-présidents du Groupe de Minsk. De ce point de vue, il est impossible de comprendre […] la propagande anti-azerbaïdjanaise menée dans ce pays ». Le vice-Premier ministre a noté que « le médiateur a intérêt à rester neutre ».

• APA - “Russian FM : Karabakh conflict should be resolved based on Helsinki Final Act”. There is no military solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during a joint press conference with Moldovan counterpart. The conflict should be resolved on the basis of the Helsinki Final Act, Lavrov added. “The president and defense minister of Russia have already expressed the country’s position regarding the incidents in Nagorno Karabakh,” the FM said. Lavrov said that he and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had contacted their counterparts in Baku and Yerevan to express concerns over the conflict unfolding in Nagorno-Karabakh. "Minister Shoigu and I contacted our colleagues in Baku and Yerevan — the foreign and defense ministers of both countries. We expressed our grave concern and reiterated the Russian president’s call to immediately stop violating the ceasefire regime," Lavrov told reporters. "We hope that our calls were heard," he added. Though both sides have declared a ceasefire, it seems the firing hasn’t been ceased completely, Lavrov said, noting that Moscow maintains contacts with Baku and Yerevan to achieve the reduction of the tension. The Russian FM recalled the joint statement issued by the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs two days ago. “Ideas voiced in that statement suit the Russian leadership’s position. As for the Minsk Group, this is a big mechanism. Changing the tripartite (co-chairs) is not appropriate,” he said. The Russian PM compared the OSCE Minsk Group’s activities to those of the Normandy format on the Ukrainian conflict and the International Syria Support Group dealing with the Syrian conflict. “If so, there is no need to speak out against the role of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs and cast shadow on what they have achieved over the last decade. But there are some who do so. They are the ones who seek to complicate the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, turning a blind eye to approaches to settling the conflict,” Lavrov stressed.

• APA - “Kremlin says resumption of ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh ’important’ ”. The Kremlin considers it important to restore the ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as to minimize the damage caused by the resumption of hostilities, Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Russian president, told reporters on Monday. To the question whether Russia can halt the sale of arms to Azerbaijan and Armenia in case of continuation of clashes, Peskov refused to comment on this issue.

• APA - « Tôt ou tard, le Haut-Karabagh appartiendra de facto à l’Azerbaïdjan » a déclaré Dmitri Saveliev, député de la Douma, président du groupe d’amitié interparlementaire Azerbaïdjan-Russie qui a ajouté que « depuis plus de 20 ans le conflit du Haut-Karabagh perdure. Je suis convaincu que l’Azerbaïdjan ne donnera jamais le Haut-Karabagh aux Arméniens. Tôt ou tard, le Haut-Karabagh appartiendra de facto à l’Azerbaïdjan ».

• APA - Maria Zakharova, porte-parole du ministère russe des Affaires étrangères, a déclaré le 4 avril que « le ministre russe des Affaires étrangères Sergueï Lavrov n’a pas annulé sa visite à Bakou et comme prévu, il participera à une réunion trilatérale avec ses homologues azerbaïdjanais et iraniens - Elmar Mammadyarov et Mohammad Javad Zarif, le 7 avril, à Bakou ».

• Bakinski rabotchi - Mammed Aliyev, président du Congrès azerbaïdjanais de Russie a annoncé le plein soutien des Azerbaïdjanais de Russie au Président Aliyev.


• - U.S. Department of State Deputy Spokesperson Mark C. Toner : We’ve expressed our concern about the escalating violence. Ultimately, it is up to the leaders of these two countries, Armenia and Azerbaijan, to find the political will to reach peace, to reach a ceasefire, and to achieve a lasting peace to this ongoing conflict. For our part, we’re going to continue as one of the co-chairs of the Minsk Group to make efforts to get both sides back to the negotiating process.

• Bakinski rabotchi - Le journal revient sur la visite du Président Aliyev à Washington où il a participé au 4e Sommet sur la sécurité nucléaire du 31 mars au 1 avril.

• Bakinski rabotchi - « L’Azerbaïdjan reste un partenaire stratégique fiable des Etats-Unis ».

• Bakinski rabotchi, Azertaj - Le Président Aliyev s’est entretenu, le 1er avril à Washington, avec Bohuslav Sobotka, Premier ministre de la République tchèque. et avec Thomas Shannon, sous-secrétaire d’Etat américain aux Affaires politiques.


• Bakinski rabotchi, - Communiqué du ministère kazakh des Affaires étrangères : « Le ministère des Affaires étrangères suit de très près la situation dans le Haut-Karabakh. Nous exprimons notre vive inquiétude à la suite de la violation du cessez-le-feu dans la zone du conflit. Nous appelons les parties à faire preuve de retenue et à respecter l’accord de cessez-le -feu. En soutenant les efforts du groupe de Minsk de l’OSCE sur le règlement du conflit du Haut-Karabakh, nous réaffirmons la nécessité de résoudre pacifiquement ce conflit. La République du Kazakhstan soutient le processus visant à trouver un compromis au conflit dans le Haut-Karabakh et espère que les parties auront une attitude constructive ».


• Bakinski rabotchi - Hikmat Djavadov, président de l’Union des Azerbaïdjanais d’Ukraine, a appelé les Azerbaïdjanais à soutenir la position du Président Aliyev sur le conflit du Haut-Karabagh.


• Bakinski rabotchi - Zumrud Dadashova, présidente de la diaspora azerbaïdjanaise en Jordanie, a déclaré que « les Azerbaïdjanais de Jordanie soute[nait] la politique du Président Aliyev ».


• APA,, - Le Conseil permanent de l’OSCE tiendra aujourd’hui une réunion spéciale sur le Haut-Karabagh à Vienne avec la participation des membres du Groupe de Minsk. Les coprésidents du groupe informeront le Conseil sur la situation et sur les nouvelles mesures pour trouver une solution au conflit. En outre, les membres du Groupe de Minsk, qui comprend également des représentants azerbaïdjanais, arménien biélorusse, allemand, italien, suédois, finlandais et turc tiendront des réunions et des consultations au cours de la journée.

• APA - Araz Azimov, vice-ministre des Affaires étrangères, a reçu le 4 avril les ambassadeurs des pays membres de l’OSCE et a discuté de la situation tendue autour des territoires azerbaïdjanais occupés. A. Azimov, soulignant l’importance de la trêve pour le règlement pacifique du conflit, a noté que « la partie arménienne viole régulièrement le cessez le feu, en essayant de détourner l’attention des questions de fond sur le processus de paix et [souhaite] prolonger le statu quo ». Il a souligné la possibilité de ne résoudre le conflit que dans le cadre du respect de l’intégrité territoriale et de la souveraineté de l’Azerbaïdjan.

Communauté des Etats Indépendants

• Bakinski rabotchi, Azertaj - Sergueï Lebedev, président du Comité exécutif de la CEI, a déclaré que « tous les membres de la CEI sont des amis et des partenaires de l’Azerbaïdjan et de l’Arménie. Nous espérons sincèrement que les deux parties vont faire preuve de raison, arrêter l’effusion de sang et trouver une possibilité au plus tôt pour reprendre un dialogue pacifique dans l’intérêt des peuples des deux pays ». Il a noté que « les présidents et les ministres des Affaires étrangères de plusieurs pays membres de la CEI ont déjà contacté leurs partenaires azerbaïdjanais et arménien en leur demandant de prendre des mesures immédiates pour arrêter les actions militaires et rechercher des moyens de résolution pacifique du conflit. »


•, Azertaj - Jean-Marie Bockel, Sénateur du Haut-Rhin, a écrit sur sa page Twitter qu’il condamnait « l’agression arménienne contre les territoires de l’Azerbaïdjan et [tenait] à saluer le cessez-le-feu des autorités azerbaïdjanaises ».

publié le 07/04/2016

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