Prague : a key milestone on the path to peace [az]

Since the beginning of the current peace process between Azerbaijan and Armenia, one of the parties’ key objectives has been the mutual recognition of each country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. In fact, this point constitutes one of the five principles strongly advocated by Azerbaijan.

For this reason, the joint statement adopted in Prague following the meeting of the President of Azerbaijan, the Prime Minister of Armenia, the French President and the President of the European Council represented a significant breakthrough and an important milestone since the statement indicates that « Armenia and Azerbaïdjan confirmed their commitment to the Charter of the United Nations and the Alma Ata 1991 Declaration through which both recognize each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty  ». Azerbaijan and Armenia also « confirmed it would be a basis for the work of the border delimitation commissions and that the next meeting of the border commissions would take place in Brussels by the end of October  ».

After weeks of tension between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the statement comes as a welcome sign of the Parties’ commitment to peace. The active support of the EU to the peace process for nearly one year has been invaluable and the French President’s involvement was critical to reaching the succesful outome in Prague. Other countries have played important mediation roles which shows that the international community believes the time has come to overcome the challenges of peacebuilding and make the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan a thing of the past.

Friendship among Nations as among People is not a zero sum game. France has friendly relations with all of the three states of the South Caucasus, just as Azerbaijan has friendly relations with a great number of European countries. The bilateral relationship between France and Azerbaijan is important, intense and longlasting and has benefitted from the personal input of our two countries’ leaders since the independence of Azerbaijan, 31 years ago. For this reason, I am convinced that any misunderstandings can and will be overcome.

There is experience and goodwill in France and in Azerbaijan and I have no doubt that together we will achieve our shared goal of peaceful cooperation among independent, sovereign European States as envisioned by the European Political Community that France and Azerbaijan launched, together with 42 other countries, in Prague on the 6th October.

Long live the Spirit of Prague ! Long live French-Azerbaijani friendship ! And may peace soon be achieved between Armenia and Azerbaijan !


publié le 19/10/2022

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